Shield Autos, Work & Living Spaces


Use these EMF blockers in your vehicle, living and work spaces, but also consider protection for your entire body. Find out what level of EMF protection you need by taking our free EMF Quiz

EMF Protection autos -trucksAuto Shield - Hang from mirror to provide EMF Protection inside your vehicle - especially if you have BlueTooth. ($177-182).
emf protection for electronic dashboard in vehicleAegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shield - Blocks EMF from Vehicle Electronic Dashboard
emf protection for clothing Aegis Radiation Shield Fabric Rinse - Adds EMF Protection to clothing. Excellent in strong WiFi environments: air travel, hospitals, office buildings.
l11rmstcategoryclose.jpgRoom Shield EMF Protection from Smart Meter or EMF in any room in your home or office. Helps provide you with restorative EMF-free sleep. (157.00-162.95)



emf protection for electronicsAegis Radiation EMF Shield Paint Additive - Use with any paint to add EMF Shielding for walls or painted cabinets.
EMF protection for all electronics Stetzer EMF Filter - EMF Reduction for Electronics EMF. Use meter to determine how many filters you need. Filter $39,
Meter Rent $35, Buy $129)

compositwithtext.jpgSatic ES120 Whole Home and Portable EMF Protection Eliminates Dirty Electricity & EMF in All Home Wiring. Home feels fresher. Lower electrical bill. ($199-1295)

smart-meter-protection-store-400.jpgSmart Meter Anti-Radiation Products-What Can You Do to Stop the EMF from Smart Meters - yours or your neighbors?

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