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Protecting people and their energy for 30+ years with BioElectric Shields
standard BES BANNER

polishing kit for emf protection shield

Polishing Kits & extra cords

Keep your Shield and other jewelry looking beautiful with the best polishing cloth in the jewelry industry. (From $8.95 - save on combo pack)


Cords to tie or adjustable 

Many people love the soft feel of a cord. Our cotton/rayon cords feel great and in this section you will also. 24" length. ($8-19)


Braided Leather Cords with Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp

Strong, soft and secure! Comes in several lengths ranging from 18 to 30". The clasp makes it much easier to put your Shield on and off. (Start at $30)


Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Chains

Wearing your Shield on a chain provides increased security as well as an attractive addition to the Shield. (From $67-797.00)


beaded chains

Beaded Chains & Enhancers

Wearing your Shield on a beaded chain not only looks great but adds the energy of the gemstones in the beads.
(From $17)


Belt Pouch

Place your Shield in this weather proof, nonintrusive pouch. Can slip over 1 inch wide belt or attach to one end of the keychain. (From $13.95)

emf room shield stand

Room Shield Stand

This stand holds your Room Shield and allows you to move it from room to room.
(Sale $5.95 - Reg $11.95)

emf protection brochure

Shield Brochures

Place this brochure in your waiting room with your affiliate link information on the back panel. (From $15.95)