AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shield - Spray for all Electronics and Windows

Spray to block EMF on cell phones, computers, screens, tablets, windows and other electronics (5Hz. - 3GHz.)

Aegis emf spray

EMF Radiation Shielding Spray for Your Electronics


  • Shields any surface from the EMF radiation emitted by wired and wireless electronic products.
  • All AegisGuard products reflect or deflect at an opposite angle any RF (radio frequencies) away from any item that was sprayed.
  • Does not affect product performance, power consumption or signal strength.
  • Recommended for anyone seeking relief from the effects and discomfort of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES). 


  • AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series (LL, LS and LP) RF/EMF shielding products deflect, or reflect, unwanted RF and EMF at opposite angles from originating sources by breaking apart (scattering) deflected radiation frequencies, and the fields they carry, upon contact with shielded surfaces.
  • The micro-encapsulated shielding compounds in AegisGuard™ LS are suspended in a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic liquid made from natural ingredients derived solely from plants.
  • The liquid serves as the medium for transferring the shielding compounds onto a surface via a fine-mist spray, and they adhere to virtually all porous and non-porous surfaces within a few seconds after being applied.


Product 1: Blue Bottle 5 Hz to 30 GHz
Effective from 5Hz. AegisGuard 30 GHz. products shield frequencies emitted by electrical products, including those with wireless output (modems, routers, etc.) up to 30 GHz., power lines and distribution networks which operate at 50 or 60 Hz. They also shield emissions from all consumer and most commercial handheld wireless products up to 30 GHz., including 5G, cell phones, tablets, body wear, etc., substrates, glass and plastic windows. 30 GHz. models are used for everything described in this paragraph, except windows or substrates backs of kitchen cabinets mounted on exterior walls) in areas where airborne frequencies above 30 GHz. are present.

Product 2: Green Bottle -  5GHz to 120 GHz.
Usage of AegisGuard 120 GHz. and higher frequency models is contingent upon the application. For example, if a user owns a current generation cell phone, cordless phone, tablet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or similar product, they do not require an AegisGuard LS spray model above 30 GHz. because these devices transmit and receive frequencies far below 30 GHz. Conversely, if a person resides, travels, or works in an area where LAN, Carrier, 4G-LTE or 5G networks currently operating above 30 GHz. are present, higher frequency AegisGuard LL laundry, AegisGuard LP paint/primer (except as noted below) and AegisGuard LS spray (for windows and substrates) models should be selected based upon the current airborne frequencies in their environment.

Product 3 - Amber Label - Effective 5Hz to 360 GHz

Product 4 - Black Bottle - Effective 5HZ to 1.1 THz

Using a home for illustration, selecting an AegisGuard LP frequency is based upon several criteria:

1: Is the home in, or near, a densely populated area where future airborne frequencies are likely be higher than those currently present?

2: How long do you plan to remain in this home?

3: Do you have an interest in providing future dwellers with shielding protection from future technologies as a selling point, and/or as an altruistic gesture?

If you watch this entire 4:24 concept video, I think you'll have a better understanding about why so many "educated" AegisGuard LP customers purchase the 1.1 THz. model (or AegisGuard LS for wood) for ceilings, and either the 360 GHz. or 1.1 THz. model for walls, doors and trim surfaces in anticipation of forthcoming wireless technologies:

If you have 5G now, or will have it soon, we recommend buying the products that say 5G protection.

(All the proprietary oscillating shielding technology provides up to 99.998% shielding protection. Each shielding compound is effective for a specific range of frequencies, and power levels, measured at the point of contact. The shielding effectiveness exceeds the requirements specified by MIL-STD-285, IEEE 299 and Human RF exposure limits as set forth in FCC OET Bulletin 65.)


Commonly Used for: cellular, cordless and satellite phones, wearable communication devices such as Bluetooth headsets or Fitbit's, eye wear, medical devices (examples - C-Pap Machines, Cardiac Monitors), smart meters, TVs, computers, tablets, monitors, printers, pagers, appliances. Can also be sprayed on a floor to handle EMF from ground radiations or ground currents. (Or you can use the Aegis Radiation Shield paint additive to paint the floor). Spray on rafters if you have exposed beams in a cathedral ceiling. Spray cabinets that contain electronic equipment. Only one spray application is required for surfaces that are never washed or become wet. Spray both the front and back of each device. Can also be used to spray the motor, front door and control panel for a washer or dryer.

Ideal for Use with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids

Instructions for Behind the ear (BTE) cochlear implant (CI) processors with cable to coil, single unit cochlear CI with integrated coil (no cable), and hearing aids

Spray a small area on a piece piece of wax paper, or other non-porous surface. Use a Q-Tip to wipe all sides of the processor/hearing aid and cable (if so equipped), carefully avoiding the microphone and filter openings, and wipe everything dry. The same procedure is used for BTE hearing aids.


You have sprayed your phone and headset with the spray. You're talking on your phone, holding it up to your ear. Frequencies are received and transmitted through the back of the phone facing away from you, and frequencies from the front of the phone are deflected away from your head.

Let's say you are using your iPad. In a similar way, the frequencies are deflected away from you, while still allowing your WiFi connection to work on your iPad. The reason your phone reception is not affected, yet you are protected from EMF, is because the Aegis spray will only allow that your phone's signal frequency to come to your phone but no other frequencies.


  • Remove bottle, shake well, and recap the bottle. Store at temperatures about 65 degrees F/19 degrees Celsius) This Spray thickens at temperatures below 65 degrees. Before initial use, allow it to come up to this temperature. (You can place it in a sealed plastic bag and soak it in hot water for 20 minutes. Do not microwave or boil.)
  • Apply a fine mist spray to the entire surface (but do not saturate or you are just wasting product). The particles will expand once they hit the surface, effectively covering the entire surface.
  • Lightly wipe the surface with a soft cloth to even out the spray. Walk away and let it dry on it's own for 30 minutes or more. It will be invisible once it's dry.
  • Friction or moisture (rain or sweat) slowly removes the protective spray. Reapplication guidelines are in the directions you will receive with the product.
  • If you spray your phone or tablet and then add a clear protective covering, only one application is needed.
  • How much will 1 oz cover? A cellular phone can be sprayed 15 - 20 times, a typical pager can be sprayed 40 times, and the front, top and one side of a typical tower computer can be sprayed 1 time using a 1 FL OZ (29.57 ml) bottle. Anything that is not routinely touched only needs 1 spray application.
  • Click Here for FULL INSTRUCTIONS


The short answer is no. Roughly paraphrased from this page on the Aegis site, the Aegis technology uses a "discriminatory technology", which is what wireless products use to send a signal to your phone, and only your phone. "This allows the signal to come to your phone even though you have used an Aegis product to shield you from any radiation producing signal or WiFi nearby. Measurement meters, despite being referred to as RF meters, most do not measure RF which can be determined by looking at their display. Instead, they measure SAR, a thermal measurement expressed in Watts, magnetic field expressed as mG (milliGauss) or T (Tesla) and voltage fields expressed as V/M.

These meters are non-discriminatory because their receivers search for and accept any occurrence within their range, regardless of the source. When this occurs, the AegisGuard L Series shielding compounds oscillate as they do with the discriminatory products due to the presence of identical frequencies on both sides of the Shielded surface." We recommend you visit their detailed page on this issue. It's written for other electricians, but the bottom line is that to get an accurate assessment of RF, engineers and electricians use meters that start at about the $3,000 range.


You can get the standard product unless you know 5G is coming to your neighborhood within the next few years. 5G technology will be rolled out starting in 2018 in cities all over the world. To learn more about 5G networks, scheduled 5G USA cities, and how the Aegis Life Series products work, please read over this short PDF.

Standard models shield frequencies from 5 Hz. to 30 GHz. The current 5G network frequency specification is 60 GHz to 300 GHz and expected to increase. Fiber option network split feeds are 180 GHz and carrier fiber core stations operate in the THz range.


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