Level 3 BioElectric Energy Protection Shield - Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Tabs

L31P  classic Round Level 3 Sterling Silver with Yellow Gold Tabs BioElectric Shield EMf blocker, EMF Protection Pendant - polished finish

Provides Protection from 5G/Smart Meters

Best if you have: High EMF Exposure (6+ hours/day) or if you are Empath/HSP or sensitive to EMF or other people's energy.


Ideal if you have High EMF Exposure. Level 3 Shields give you strong EMF and personal energy protection. The metal around each crystal matrix amplifies the effectiveness of the energy actions of the matrix. Gold is the strongest amplifier of all 3 metals used in Shields. By wearing this silver/gold tab Shield you will be able to function much better even in the midst of WiFi, Smart Meters or 5G. 

  • Favored by anyone who is sensitive to energy, be it EMF or other people's energy.
  • Calms, focuses, enhances performance.
  • Chosen by Empaths and HSP (Highly Sensitive People) & (EHS) Electromagnetically Sensitive People. 

Ideal for you if you:

  • Have a Smart Meter or 5G
  • Spend 6+ hrs. using WiFi, any electronics or need protection from other people's energy.
  • Carry and use a Smart Phone all day
  • Not sure if this is for you - Take Our EMF Quiz and find out.


  • A Chain is not included on the pendant style. 
  • Your Shield comes with a cotton/rayon black satin cord, which is 65% rayon, 35% cotton with a rayon outer lay and cotton filling. It is durable, but will eventually wear out - we suggest purchasing additional cords, or a chain.
  • Click to Order Chains and Polishing Kits and more

DETAILS: Read all about the Level 3 Shield - how they work -who uses Level 3, etc. It's our most popular Shield.
P.S. If you have an issue with focus, you can choose the focusing matrix instead of the standard matrix. Read about our Focusing Shields

WHITE GOLD TABS: White gold does not look like silver. It has a  slight yellow-gold tinge to it. If you purchase a white gold chain, the chain will probably not match the white gold shield. It's simply the nature of how the manufacturer creates the white gold sheets we use to create the white gold disks. If you are looking for a Shield that has a color that has the slight gold tinge in the white gold part and pair it with the 14K gold tabs, you will have a Shield that does have a two-tone effect.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you live outside the USA or Canada, please choose the international matrix in the product option section. Read more: international matrixes.

NEW - Shield now available as a wrist-band Shield - Click here to ordernowavailableaswristband.jpg

Polishing kit with additional cords you will get the polishing kit and 2 extra cords as described above.

Shield Size & Weight & materials

  •   The Round Shield is 1 1/8"
  •   The Heart Shield is 7/8"
  •   Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  •   We use Sterling Silver and solid 14K Gold.

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Comments from a Level 3 Shield Wearer (We were a little shy about putting this letter in here, but since you are trying to find a product you can trust, we thought you might like to read this spontaneous letter of thanks from a wonderful customer of ours.)

Virginia and AnnaMariah,
Truly, a heartfelt thank you to you both.  Your products have helped me utterly change my life and I am on a path of enjoyment for the first time ever.  I hope this testimonial helps:

Virginia and AnnaMariah are wonderful people of integrity.  In my experiences with them and with their products, I have come to an absolute trust; if they endorse it, I know it will help me.  I had a debilitating sensation of electricity in my body for most of my life and will only hint at the terrible neuroses that sprang there from (and the months of living sequestered in dark rooms)… I have a lot of the kit (Level 3 Body Shield, Room Shields, Aulterra Neutralizers, AegisGuard Headset Clips); everything discrete enough that I can pass incognito as extremely sensitive to EMF radiation! 

More and more, I step outside with a true positivity in my being that gets reflected back to me in the most extraordinarily fun ways.  More and more, people are able to enjoy my comic kookiness with a simple and reciprocal joy because I am free of both the mental and physical structures of paranoia and terror born of my sensitivity to modern conveniences!  I am finally living the life I have always dreamed of (and that includes performing improv comedy live on stage).
Of course, many thanks are also owed to my fabulous therapist.  But before buying EMF protection, no amount of therapy had ever helped me advance in my life because nothing could shift that sensation of being constantly electrocuted.  Without the Bioelectric Shield (and friends), I would not have a life.  And that's the truth.  A humble and heartfelt thanks to AnnaMariah and Virginia; thank you, thank you, thank you!
Audrey Davenport, UK

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