Wristband BioElectric Energy Protection Shield - Levels 2 & 3

L23B-S Level 2 BioElectric Shield EMf blocker, EMF Protection Wristband Shield,  satin finish

PRODUCT OVERVIEW - This Wristband Shield is an all new product - and is available in Level 2 and 3. 

Wristband Style Shield - Excellent for children or adults who prefer not to wear something around neck. 

  • Comes with your choice of band color and style.
  • Adult wristbands are nylon with silver finish metal.
  • ID bands for children have a place to put ID, address, phone etc, inside the band; secured with Velcro.
  • You can also use with 18mm watch bands that are fairly flat. Bands that have decorative ends normally won't go thru the opening.
  •  Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  •  We use Sterling Silver and solid 14k Gold.

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The Level 2 Shield is ideal if you have Moderate EMF Exposure (up to 6 hrs/day on computer, tablet or phone, WiFi at home or work) or Energy Sensitivity (you are occasionally unpleasantly aware of other people's negative energy.) Excellent EMF Protection. Reduces stress/fatigue. Sharpens mental skills, focus & concentration. Deflects negative energy from others, boosting your mental & emotional clarity.  

Read all about the Level 2 Shields

The Level 3 Shield - Ideal if you have High EMF Exposure. Level 3 Shields give you strong EMF and personal energy protection. Ideal for you if you spend 6+ hrs. using WiFi, any electronics or need protection from other people's energy. Favored by anyone who is sensitive to energy, be it EMF or other people's energy. Calms, focuses, enhances performance. Chosen by HSP & Electromagnetically Sensitive People. 

Read all about the Level 3 ShieldS- how they work - who uses Level 3, etc. It's our most popular Shield. 


FOCUSING SHIELD MATRIX- If you have an issue with focus, you can choose the focusing matrix instead of the standard matrix - this matrix also works as an international Shield and will work anywhere in the world. Read about our Focusing Shields

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you live outside the USA or Canada, please choose the international matrix in the product option section. If you have focusing issues - order the focusing matrix (it works anywhere in the world) Read more:  international shield

ASD SHIELDS for Mild or Severe Autism Spectrum

HOW TO CHOOSE AN ASD SHIELD - to assure getting the best match possible, we highly recommend using our Free Photo Analysis and let us recommend the correct style for you or your child.

USA & Canada Residents

Mild ASD: If you (or your child) spends less than 6 hours/day of screen time and WiFi, a Level 2 with the ASD mild matrix is perfect. For more than 6 hours/day, the Level 3 with the Mild ASD matrix would be recommended.

Moderate-Severe ASD: If you (or your child) spends less than 6 hours/day of screen time and WiFi, a Level 2 with the ASD mild matrix is prefect. For more than 6 hours/day, the Level 3 with the ASD Moderate-Severe matrix would be recommended.

All other countries: Use the same criteria as above, but choose a focusing Shield instead of the ASD matrix Shield, which only works in North America. If the Focusing Shield is helpful for you (99% of the time it will be), please contact us about upgrading to an individually customized Shield within one year of getting the focusing Shield. To find out if custom Shield is correct for you, simply submit your information as described in our free photo analysis page. (More information below).

We have already received feedback from some of our international ASD customers. Universally, they say they feel calmer, more focused and less affected by other people's energy. Life, in general, is much less stressful, wearing the focusing Shield. For adults, we recommend the Level 3 Focusing Shield. For children, the Level 2 Focusing Shield is an excellent choice.


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