Braided Leather Necklace - Black/Brown Sterling Silver .925 clasp

Braided Leather Necklace - Black/Brown Sterling Silver .925 clasp

Beautiful two-tone braided leather necklaces to wear with your BioShield or other pendants

  • made with quality genuine leather
  • cord thickness approximately 3mm
  • solid sterling silver for both clasp and tube connectors
  • fit all BioElectric Shield style as well as European charm beads
  • Use with for pendant or charm bead inner hole 3.8mm or larger
  • color may vary a bit for each lot of production, please refer to the pictures
  • the leather and clasp is strong, but do watch for signs of wear and replace if necessary 
  • These are not adjustable, lengths are exactly what they say. 

Sizes - before ordering check your favorite length necklace to choose size, or cut a piece of twine or yarn to the length you would like and measure the result.

15" - Appropriate be for a smaller person who wants the Shield to show in neckline (probably under 5'1" and thin)

18" - For most women this will show Shield in neckline near the thymus - for men if you wear a shirt with collar size of 16.5" or more this will probably be too short

24" - Average man or woman will hang around heart area and it can go over the head without opening the clasp.

30" - Average man or woman will hang about 3" below heart


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