Cords to Wear With BioElectric Shield

Satin cord on Shield to Wear with EMF Blocking Pendant Bioelectric Shield


SATIN CORD - Many people love the soft feel of these all natural cords which are made of 65% rayon, 35% cotton. This product consists of 4 silky black satin cords made of rayon with cotton filling. 30" in length. Is your cord worn out or getting thin? Order replacements now and protect your investment  We recommend replacement as soon as cord shows sign of wear - for most people this is about 3-6 months. (This is the Cord style that comes with your initial BioShield order)

LEATHER CORD: The leather cords offer a sturdy, long lasting option. Since we know people can prefer a thin or thick cord, you can choose which option you prefer.

HOW TO TIE THE BUTTERFLY KNOT ON YOUR SHIELD: If you use this type of knot, always check to make sure both ends are tight before you put your Shield back on. The alternative is to use 2 to 3 tightly pulled square knots. The square knot is MORE secure than the butterfly knot, but it is not adjustable.

Instructions on optional methods of tying your cord

CORDS VS CHAINS: You might also want to consider other options like the silky or leather cords with a clasp, or for even more security and long-life one of our silver or gold filled chains or even a beaded chain for both looks and additional balancing properties.


Please check cord for wear. If it is worn or frayed, do not use it. We'd hate to have you lose your Shield.