EMF Protection BioElectric Pet Shield for Dogs & Cats

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Your pet needs protection too! Too many dogs and cats are being diagnosed with cancer and other diseases that show their immune system has been overworked. We think one of the major factors is the nearly unbelievable increase in cell towers and wireless signals that now saturate our air. Humans and pets alike have to deal with radiation that is ongoing and intense!

Do you have a cat or dog you love? In recent years, more pets have been diagnosed with cancer and other diseases once considered rare for any animal to have. Why take chances with your precious cat or dog? You can protect them with our BioElectric EMF protection Shields for cats, small dogs (under 15 pounds) and larger dogs.


A pet shield will be effective if it is within 20 feet of your dog or cat, but the closer it is, the stronger the protection. The ideal distance is either on your pet, or within 1-2 feet. If your pet is not wearing the pet Shield, you can  place the Shield in your pet's bed, or hang it from a room Shield stand near where they routinely sleep. Ideal for: your pet if you live anywhere wireless is used, have a TV, mobile phone, or any electronic devices around your home.

Silver Heart - for cats and large and small dogs - at check out you'll choose matrix: Cat, Small Dog under 15 pounds, Large Dog over 15 pounds.

  • Protects your cat or dog from the electromagnetic radiation from all sources: TV's, Computers, Cell phone radiation, and all wireless signals inside and outside your home.
  • This small protection Shield has a very special crystal matrix that creates powerful EMF protection specifically for  your pet.
  • The crystal matrix is enclosed in a sturdy sterling silver locket with a powerful lobster clasp on the top, suitable for attaching to your pets current collar.
  • Each Heart Pendant is .925 Sterling Silver, 1.4" high and .75" wide. Comes with a "split ring" like a key ring, and that attaches to the ring on your pets collar. It's really secure.

EMF Protection Pet Shield - Large Dogs over 15 pounds - Round Brass Model

  • This EMF protection Shield is for dogs over 15 pounds. It has a very special crystal matrix inside it that creates a powerful protection for dogs over 15 pounds.
  • Do not - under any circumstances - put this on a smaller dog! We're serious when we say it's powerful. It can very safely be worn by dogs that weigh enough to handle its strong energy.
  • The crystal matrix is enclosed in our all brass Shield design, suitable for attaching to your dog's current collar.
  • Brass Shield, weighing .5 ounce. 1 5/16" diameter. Will tarnish, but this does not affect performance.


Recently a curious teenager decided to pry open A BRAND NEW pet Shield, permanently damaging it. Please do not attempt to OPEN up the locket!! It is glued shut to keep the matrix in place.

Specifications Both Styles

  • Handcrafted in Montana, USA
  • It's light weight - only weighing 5 grams.
  • PET POUCH INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE as the carrier for this Shield. Pouch has a back elastic strap which allows it to slip over a collar or harness very easily. (A $9.95 VALUE)
  • RECOMMENDATION for outdoor cats and dogs - Put this Shield in a  pet pouch  It will slip over the collar and ride flat and enclosed (nothing will dangle) inside the pet pouch. (photo of pouch right under the pendant) (Although Shield loop is soldered, we have had instances where a Shield got caught on something and loop either bent or tore off - we highly recommend putting in pouch to keep Shield and your pet safe
  • Does not come with a money-back guarantee due to the wear and tear factor involved with a pet wearing a Shield

International Customers

  • Because this matrix is focused entirely on EMF protection, this Pet Shield is suitable for anywhere in the world. (see International Shields for more information)

Pet Owner Testimonial

" I love my bioelectric shield and so does my dog, Claire! Claire's been wearing hers on her collar without the guard and no problem - it hasn't gotten lost or anything. And it looks so cute on her!! I love the way they work and am already planning on buying more for friends... and someday bumping myself up to the gold."
Christina Kelso Submitted 12-2014

Cats Love the Shield

So, this morning I put on my level 3 shield about half an hour before I took this picture. I also have a room protector shield on my night table next to me. I was drinking my coffee and reading the news on my iPad and, within 15 minutes, I had all four cats on the bed, three of them literally laying on me...I was trapped! The other cat was up against my side and I couldn’t get him in the photo. It has to be that they were attracted to the shield(s) because two of the cats DO NOT get along, so for them to be that close to each other would never have happened otherwise! We all love the shields, and as soon as I can, I’m going to get them each their very own!
Lisa Gilmartin 12.19.17

cats love BioElectric Shield

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