EMF Protection HARApad Armband for Cell Phones - Closeout Reg $59-69

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HARApad emf protection device, cell phone Armband, radiation-free, hands-free for cell phone users. Protection from ELF electromagnetic radiation, WIFI radiation, Bluetooth radiation, RF cell phone radiation

EMF PROTECTION ARMBAND  - Excellent for active people

Regular price Small $59, Large $69

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hands-free armband allows safe use of phone, keeping EMF away from your brain or pelvic area. Armband does not interfere with your cellular signal and will not negatively affect battery life. Easily removed to wash armband. The only exercise solution on the market, the HARApad Armband protects you from:

  • Optional low-EMF earbuds available too.
  • ELF electromagnetic radiation
  • WiFi radiation
  • Bluetooth radiation
  • RF cell phone radiation

Small: Fits standard size cell phones, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, and Samsung Galaxy 5/6
Large: Fits larger cell phones, such as iPhone 6 Plus /6s Plus, 8, X, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Want proof this products work? You can TEST your Harapad to make sure it's deflecting EMF by following this procedure.

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