EMF Protection HARApad with WiFi Shielding - for Laptops/Tablets

Laptop EMF Protection Pad blocks EMF from bottom of your laptop and from WiFi. Black Plastic using Root technology safe, natural, organic - shown with laptop  by HARApad

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LAPTOP RADIATION SHIELD with Free Wi-Fi shielding


Harapad elite

  • Electromagnetic Shielding Pad: The Harapad laptop EMF protection pad uses perfectly safe, military-grade shielding electromagnetic materials to prevent all types of EMR from escaping downward. It provides a physical physical shields between the bottom of your electronic device and your body, just like a lead vest is used during X-rays to protect your body.
  • Free WiFi Shielding is included in ALL pads.
  • Optional Heat-shielding design to prevent toasted skin syndrome, also known as "laptop-induced dermatitis," which can lead to skin cancer. The heat shield, which also acts as a comfort cushion, is an extra piece of upholstered foam that is designed to be the heat shield.
  • Lightweight and portable – the HARApad can tuck right into your laptop bag


  • Place this EMF Protection Pad under your laptop, iPad, or notebook and shield yourself from radiation coming from the bottom of your computer and from WiFi
  • The HARApad BLOCKS 100% of EMR, and now contains electric field and WIFI shielding.
  • This rigid pad, that uses multiple layers of EMR shielding, is placed underneath your laptop and blocks all 3 types of electromagnetic radiation. The HARApad’s flat surface allows your laptop’s own dissipation channels to permit air to freely flow out of the comp


    • Black Hard Plastic
  • WiFi Protection - All the HaraPads WiFi protection because we believe it's an important
  • SIZE:
    • Tablet - 9.5x7.5" - orks with most tablets and ereaders, including Nook, Kindle, and all generations of iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and the 9.7″ iPad Pro.  Also works on other tablets near this size, including Samsung.
    • 13" Small - 13.25" wide by 9.25" deep - designed for any 13" or similar laptop. Will also work for any size smaller than 13"  
    • 15" Medium - 14.5" wide by 11" deep - designed for any standard 15" or similar laptop.  Will also work for any size between 13" - 16". 
    • 17" Large - 15.5" wide by 12" deep - designed for any standard 17" or similar laptop. Will also work for any size between 13" - 16". 
    • 25" Lap Desk - 23" wide by 11" deep 
      This variant is over-sized to allow for the convenient use of a mouse. This product uses our Root technology, which means it’s manufactured from safe, natural / organic materials.
  • EXTRA HEAT SHIELDING:Additional Heat shielding available as special order for additional $25- The HARApad also helps protect you from the heat generated, but you can add extra heat shielding in the form of an upholstered foam cushion. It is available in 4 sizes and multiple colors/materials. The wood option allows for a natural, organic approach to laptop radiation shielding.  See image in our photo gallery. Choose Option - Heat Shielding and add $25 to price  - drop ships from Manufacturer and cannot be added to FedEx orders - allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)


  • The adhesives used in this product are able to withstand any and all normal operating temperatures. As with many products, extreme temperatures should be avoided. Materials get brittle with extreme cold temperatures, and very soft at extreme high temperatures
  • The plastic material in the pad does scratch and tends to attract dust. You can use a glass cleaner or even wash the pad. A soft towel should be used for cleaning. You can get special acrylic products used to buff the pad. (But since the pad sits under your laptop, the appearance isn't really a big issue!)


  • Items that Drop ship from Manufacturer cannot be added to FedEx or international orders - allow 10-20 days for delivery).  If ordering in the US your pad will ship via Priority Mail at no additional cost. If ordering outside the US, there will be an additional shipping charge.
  • Orders over $100 ship free in USA  - for smaller pads, we suggest adding other items to bring order over $100
  • Heat Shielding option- is a separate part which slips onto your pad. Occasionally there will be a shipping delay since Harapad procures this part from a 3rd party supplier. If a delay is expected, we will notify you.


No returns after 30 days from order date. $15 restocking fee.

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