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Level 2 EMF Blocker BioElectric Energy Protection Shield Collage
Focusing EMF Blocker Shield pendant provides excellent EMF protection and reduces ADD symptoms so you can get things done. Ideal protection from EMF, WiFi, smart meters, cell phones, and other people’s stress and negativity. EMf protection pendant, EMF shielding, EMF shield, Personal emf protection, Electromagnetic radiation protection, Emf blocker, Emf protection devices, ELF radiation protection, RF radiation protection, Emf radiation, protection, emf protection pendant, emf protection products, Best emf protection, emf protection shield, emf blockers, powerful emf protection, emf protection pendants, smart meter protection, cell phone protection, wifi protection, cell phone radiation protection, wifi radiation protection, smart meter radiation protection, emf blocker, emf blocker shield, EMF protectors, EMF protection Shield, EMF Shielding, emf, best emf protection, emf protection pendants, EMF blocker pendant, empath protection, HSP PROTECTION, Bioelectric shield , add/adhd, electromagnetic radiation protection, energy balancing, aura protection, energy field balancing, aura balancing



This Matrix contains all the same gems as the standard Shield matrix PLUS other gems which continually bring your focus back to the task at hand. It provides the SAME amount of EMF protection as a Standard Matrix Shield.

Originally designed just for an individual with ADD/ADHD, we now recommend it for anyone who knows they have some difficulty staying calm and focused during everyday activities. This Shield has been extremely helpful to thousands of wearers.



The focusing Shield/the ADD Shield both use the ADD matrix. An ADD matrix is the standard matrix with additional gems added.

Years ago I had a discussion with our consultant, Virginia Fidel about ADD. I asked her what she had observed in looking at the energy field of anyone with the issue. She said their energy field floats out farther from the body than usual. Specifically, an aura is typically about 3-5 feet outside the body.

With someone with severe ADD, it can float out 25'. So, she added some gems that draw the energy field back closer to the physical body, ideally to the 5-foot distance. This then helps the person keep their attention on their own task instead of being distracted by something they hear, or notice several feet away from them. It also seems to help someone with thoughts that drift through the mental aspect of the aura and can derail someone from the task at hand. So, sometimes, Bob Fidel, our consultant, will recommend the focusing matrix for someone who is an empath and picks up other people's energy too easily. By drawing their own energy in a bit closer, they are not "walking through" other people's energy or mingling with another person's energy so easily.


  • increased ability to finish the task
  • increased organizational abilities
  • more satisfaction with their productivity
  • Add/Focusing Shields work all over the world (no international matrix required)

CLICK HERE to Learn more about our ADD/Focusing Shields

Focusing matrix are available in all styles in Level 2, 3 and 4. If you want something other than what is shown above, please go to the Shield Level of your choice and choose your style and the Focusing Matrix.

WHITE GOLD: White gold does not look like silver. It has a  slight yellow-gold tinge to it. If you purchase a white gold chain, the chain will probably not match the white gold shield. It's simply the nature of how the manufacturer creates the white gold sheets we use to create the white gold disks. If you are looking for a Shield that has a color that has the slight gold tinge in the white gold part and pair it with the 14K gold tabs, you will have a Shield that does have a two-tone effect.

 Shield Styles - Pendant  or Wristband

    • Pendant style Shield - Available all levels
      • Chain is not included on the pendant style. 
      •  Comes with a cotton/rayon black satin - cord is 65% rayon, 35% cotton with a rayon outer lay and cotton filling. It is durable, but will eventually wear out - we suggest purchasing additional cords, or a chain.

NEW - Now available also as a wrist-band Shield - Click here to ordernowavailableaswristband.jpg

  • Wristband Style Shield -
    • Excellent for children or adults who prefer not to wear something around neck.
    • Comes with your choice of band color and style.
    • Adult wristbands are nylon with silver finish metal.
    • ID bands for children have a place to put ID, address, phone etc, inside the band; secured with Velcro.
    • You can also use with 18 mm watch bands that are fairly flat. Bands that have decorative ends normally won't go thru the opening.

Polishing kit with additional cords you will get the polishing kit and 2 extra cords as described above.

Shield Size & Weight & materials

  •   The Round Shield is 1 1/8"
  •   The Heart Shield is 7/8"
  •   Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  •   We use Sterling Silver and solid 14K Gold.


  • Your Shield comes with a cotton/rayon black satin cord, which is 65% rayon, 35% cotton with a rayon outer lay and cotton filling. The cord is durable, but will eventually wear out - we suggest purchasing additional cords, or a chain.
  • A Chain is not included with any Shield pendant. 
  • Click to Order Chains, Polishing Kits and more
  • If you order the Polishing kit with additional cords, you will get the polishing kit and 2 extra cords as described above.


Guarantee   -  Shipping 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you live outside the USA or Canada the focusing matrix also acts as an international Shield and will work anywhere in the world. 



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