Gemstone Energy Beaded Chain Necklaces

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Enhance the look and energy of your BioElectric Shield with these hand-crafted gemstone beaded chains.

Note: The beaded chains do not add additional EMF protection, only the properties listed in the description of the item. Wear with your BioElectric Shield for full protection.


Each chain will have different energy properties based on the type of gem in the bead. Each style will have the description of the gem or gems used in the beads. The chains are designed to fit through the loop of a BioElectric Shield. Can also be worn alone, layered or with other pendants you may already have. 

Personally, our staff wears them both with their Shields and separately from the Shields because they are so cool looking! They are awesome layered or worn with other pendants as well.

Enhancers: Wear your BioElectric Shield or other pendant on other gemstone necklaces. See below for into on old style Shields (before 1994)

If ordering for a heart, please let me know so I can hand pick the beads to make sure they are the right size.  You can just put a note in the comments section when you order.

Bead sizes aren't always consistent and since the top loop on the heart is narrower than the round Shields this can be an issue. Occasionally the top loop is a bit too narrow and an enhancer is needed - Enhancers are not needed for use with most beaded chains and Shields.

*Note from AnnaMariah – All information about gemstones is completely subjective and not meant to treat or diagnose any ailment or issue


NOTE: Ships separately - cannot be shipped with other items via FedEx - will be shipped Priority Mail by AnnaMariah at Gemstone Alchemy - Normally ships within 2 days - but please allow up to 14 additional days for shipping.


Gemstone portion of necklace is 16”, with chain it’s Adjustable 16-22"
When wearing a beaded chain, most people tend to wear it shorter than when on a chain. Happy to customize sizing. 

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>Confident Balanced Focus - Tiger-eye and smoky quartz

Get out of the spaced-out zone and back here to the present with more focus and clarity. In these days of multi-tasking this is a valuable tool to have to help focus and ground your energy, increasing your ability to manifest your dreams and visions. You’ll find you have the patience of a tiger in helping you know when to wait and when to leap.
Another Aid in clear thinking is the property of balance the tiger-eye brings, helping to balance Ying/Yang and both hemisphere’s of your brain. If you are working on creative problem solving, this can be a huge help in combining your creativity and practicality. It also brings in a sense of brightness, optimism, and courage.

>Crystal Clarity - Clear Quartz Crystal

Stimulate positive thoughts and feelings as you connect with both your Higher Self and the universe. Quartz crystal can bring balance, help you center and increase the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies. Experience mental clarity, emotional stability and facilitate focused meditative states.

>Deep Healing Balance - Green Tiger-eye

Green tigers-eye is deeply healing on a physical level, going to the areas most in need of balance first and moving out from there. Tigers-eye also helps to bring balance and grounding to your entire system, allowing you to be energized and strong, mentally, physically and emotionally.
Wear it or keep it near you whenever you are struggling to find the energy to keep going, or in a healing crisis. Let its strong, healing energy and love suffuse your being.

>Empath's Bridge of Vision - Lapis Lazuli Tubes and Blue Kyanite rounds or ovals - see photos.
If ordering for a heart Shield, order the rounds, or order with an enhancer.

Kyanite and Lapis Lazuli is my favorite combination for Empaths and HSPs. It is a powerful combination in clarifying your vision, helping you remember the truth of who you are, protecting your energy field, balancing energy patterns and bringing your energy into cohesion and grounding.

Excellent tool for HSPS AND empaths and other highly sensitive people or healers to use; protecting and increasing your empathic and psychic abilities and allowing for more clarity in perception.
HSPs and empaths often struggle to maintain a sense of self. The Lapis Lazuli strengthens your sense of self, moving you forward in your path to self-knowledge as you discover and learn to live from your true divine nature.

Experience divine inspiration in your heart as the energies of your soul spiral into your daily consciousness, flooding you with clarity, inspiration and the courage to live to your highest potential. Too often we play small, not stepping into our full truth – lapis calls your soul to step forward into its fullness, manifested here on the Earth plane. Feel your inner royalty and live from this heightened awareness of yourself as spirit.

Do you have something you need to say? Lapis opens both throat and brow chakras – bringing both your clear vision and your communication together so you can say just the right things, as if by magic.

In addition to seeing spiritual patterns, you may also find Lapis of assistance in identifying the karmic roots of disease facilitating breaking through old patterns and emotions that have been sabotaging your healing process.

>Focused Manifestation - Onyx and Smoky Quartz

If you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, reach for a combination of smoky quartz and onyx.

Smoky quartz and black onyx are an especially good combination for our chaotic times. Stay focused, clear and grounded as you creatively manifest your goals. The magic really happens when these stones are brought together. They merge into an energy that is much more powerful than either stone together.

Onyx and smoky together ground your energy in a profound way and goes deeper bringing clarity and focus by connecting your heart and mind. The combination of thought and emotion supercharges and strengthens goals and manifestation. Vision that comes from your soul rather than just your ego will support you in making choices to bring forth your highest vision.

Smoky quartz also absorbs electromagnetic smog and pollution. This is a great stone to wear along with a BioShield if you are extremely sensitive to EMF radiation or are going through a period where you are spending extra long hours in front of a computer or on your cell phone.

If you are an HSP or empath, this is a good combination to wear as well, especially in combination with a Shield. Negative energy is deflected and absorbed and a sense of calm and happiness can come in its place.

>Grounded Abundant Action

Wear this combination of Pyrite and Black Onyx to prevent energy drain (combined with a BioElectric Shield it’s even stronger) and increase your ability to make wise decisions. Both stones ground your energy into the physical plain strengthening, healing and stabilizing your root chakra allowing you to feel stronger on all levels. The energy for all your other chakras comes through the root and if that is strong the others will be in better shape as well

Multi-tasking with greater ease and success. I don’t know about you, but I’m always multi-tasking, and onyx can help you do that without losing track of your initial goal. This will help you create more abundance and vibrancy in your life. Pyrite is connected to the male aspect and can assist in manifestation as it helps you ground your higher knowledge into the earth plane and take action to move your ideas into reality. Pyrite will help you overcome fears and step forward with more confidence - even bringing forth your inner warrior as needed for self or community. Some call pyrite a money magnet.

Money Magnet, Protection from Negativity, Balance Brain, inner-strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, stimulates wise decision-making

>Love and Appreciation - Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite

Wearing this necklace takes you beyond love and into a realm of deep appreciation and resonance with all that is.  Love pure and simple, love yourself, love others, and in the process feel deep forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance. Release grief, fear, resentment and anger as you reconnect with the perfection of yourself and all things. Reclaim your own innate talents and abilities left behind because of past wounds as you gain insight into issues of heart and will. 

This combination may also help you release old patterns that keep you from feeling the love and beauty here on Earth - as you begin to move past the negativity into the love, you'll find it's easier to be grounded and connected.

>Love's Common Ground - Fuchsia Tiger-eye, Ocean Jasper, Garnet

Grounded heart energies, bring your love to the surface and allows you to take in the love around you and accept it as your given birthright and at the same time heal old grief and heart wounds. Accepting and taking in love in all its forms. Opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. NOTE: If wearing with a Heart shaped BioElectric Shield, you'll also need to order an enhancer. The long beads aren't uniform in thickness and don't go through the smaller bale of the heart.

> Uplifting Peace - Lepidolite and Ocean Jasper

Feel your stress draining away as this combination of Ocean Jasper & Lepidolite soothes your nerves and eliminates negative energy, bringing you a sense of calm and tranquility.

You’ll feel more grounded and centered, even finding more patience with yourself and others
May also help depression. Lepidolite shifts your thoughts and mood stabilizing both, taking your mind away from obsessive thoughts or thoughts of despair and hopelessness. It may help you overcome insomnia. It helps in the release and reorganization of old psychological and behavior patterns. On a Spiritual level it helps you be open to cosmic awareness and aids in spiritual journeys.

>Vital Zest - Carnelian and Unakite

Are you working through a lot of change and needing a little extra boost of confidence and optimism. Enhance your creativity, confidence and zest for life as you move though changes with lightness and humor.

Are you in a place of leadership? This is a good choice for you as it will help you connect with your leadership qualities and do it with vitality and zest for life.

Motivation and action are supported, helping you move through inertia to get things done.>Enhancer - Hooks:

Custom designed hooks to securely hold the Shield or other pendant.

Simply hook over most gemstone or pearl necklaces, and add your Shield or other pendant, work beautifully with beaded chains. These are made of 18ga wire in either 14k gold filled, Sterling Silver, or Coated Art Wire (to start with I'm showing with the antique bronze wire, but could get funky with colors like purple, blue, hot pink, green).

Order Several: One customer has now ordered ten! She has a lot of necklaces and rather than changing the enhancer from necklace to necklace, she got one for each necklace, so she can just add the Shield, or other pendant, and go.

ATTENTION OLD STYLE SHIELD OWNERS - You know who you are, you bought your Shield before 1994, it's round, no tabs. The loop on the back is small and doesn't work with the beaded chains or a lot of other things....well, guess what, now you can use an enhancer-hook and wear it with beaded chains and other necklaces. I took some of these to an event recently and there were a number of people with the old style Shields, I Sold Out!

Consulting with AnnaMariah

I'm happy to consult with you on what choices will help you achieve your goals. Looking for a particular color, stone or healing property? Email me, AnnaMariah Nau, Operations Manager for BioElectric Shield and owner/designer Gemstone Alchemy, and I will put something together for you. I have an additional 50 or more natural gemstones in all colors and a variety of shapes just waiting to be created into beautiful jewelry. Also check out other choices and jewelry at Gemstone Alchemy

Wearing with your Heart Shield - If ordering for a heart, please let me know so I can hand pick the beads to make sure they are the right size.  You can just put a note in the comments section when you order.

Bead sizes aren't always consistent and since the top loop on the heart is narrower than the round Shields this can be an issue. Occasionally the top loop is a bit too narrow and an enhancer is needed - Enhancers are not needed for use with most beaded chains and Shields.

More styles - go to to see all the available beaded chains and Shield Necklaces. Use coupon code BES10 and get 10% off Everything on the Gemstone Alchemy website - even off the sale items.

Care and Feeding of your beaded chain

Breakage - AnnaMariah has used the strongest beading wire possible. With care your necklace should last for many years. But be aware that a strong pull or long-time use can weaken the cord and result in breakage. If that happens, gather up as much as you can, and contact AnnaMariah for instructions  She will restring for you for a minimal charge and shipping fees. If you've lost stones, she will add new ones if still available. Otherwise will work to you on options.

Cleaning Tarnish your sterling silver beaded chain - Many of the beaded chains include "softer" stones and should not be put in one of the silver dips. (this could completely remove the finish, even leach the color). Instead use silver paste polish, or best yet one of our polishing cloths. 

Do not use dip on these style:  Lapis - Empath's Bridge , Pyrite - Grounded Abundant Action, Ocean Jasper - Love's Common Ground and Uplifting Peace, Unakite - Vital Zest 

Okay to use dip on these styles: Confident Balanced Focus, Crystal Clarity Deep Healing Balance, Focused Manifestation, Love and Appreciation, If you do use dip, be sure to wash and dry completely.

Gold-fill doesn't tarnish.

Shield Necklaces - a number of necklaces on Gemstone Alchemy have enhancers and pendants that can be "changed out"  for a Shield.

NOTE: May ship separately - Not all styles and sizes are in stock (most 16-22 and 18-24 are in stock) - If they need to be made for you, then they cannot be shipped with other items via FedEx & will be shipped Priority Mail by Gemstone Alchemy Jewelry - Normally ships within 2 days - but please allow up to 14 additional days for shipping if something needs to be custom made for you. 

INTERNATIONAL: If ordering with other items, this may delay your order shipping by a couple of days. If not in stock, AnnaMariah will ship the beaded chain to Montana to include with the rest of your order. This saves you shipping and dealing with customs twice. Feel free to check on stock before placing your order.