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Ideal Gifts for Someone with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Whole Body Energy Protection: Anyone who has developed EHS will tell you that life has become extremely difficult and limiting in terms of where they can go and who they can be around. Since 1990, we have specialized in analyzing and providing personal recommendations and products to provide the needed level of protection for people with these issues. The Level 3 and Level 4 BioElectric Shields have been the products of choice for those who need very strong protection from EMF radiation. If you Take our EMF Quiz or take advantage of the Free Photo Analysis on behalf of the EHS person who needs protection, you will receive specific guidance for what they need for protection. A beaded chain will add beauty and certain additional energies and can be worn on its own or with a Shield.

Sleeping : If your EHS has sleep issues, get the EMF radiation out of the bedroom with a Room Shield. If you have 5G or a Smart Meter is on the outside bedroom wall, choose the Premium Room Shield. Otherwise, the standard one is fine. It's also helpful for further EMF protection when studying in any room. The Aegis Anti-radiation Paint additive in the bedroom will completely shield the room from EMF radiation as long as you paint the ceiling, walls, trim, door and then spray any windows with the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray.

Targeted EMF protection: For Radiation-free cell phone use: get them the SYB pouch or Pocket Protector and RF Earbuds. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers can be placed on the cell phone for more protection. Stop radiation from entering your lap by using the SYB or Harapad laptop or tablet pads. Use the Aegis Spray to eliminate the EMF radiation from your TV, monitors, routers, printers, portable phones - anything electronic.

Home, Auto and Room EMF Protection: Auto and Room Shields will provide EMF protection for any type of EMF if placed in a bedroom, home office or vehicle. When you want to eliminate dirty electricity throughout your entire living space, use the Satic Whole Home Line Conditioner. Installed next to your breaker box, it cleans the electricity coming in from your power pole. Plug-in units available for smaller spaces like a condo.

Clothing Anti-Radiation Fabric Rinse- For EHS's who work in an environment (hospital, airport, office building) with very high levels of EMF, they can use the Aegis Anti-radiation Fabric Rinse in the clothing they wear to work. It will add an extra layer of EMF protection if they are already wearing a Shield.

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