For Him

Ideal Gifts for Men - Protect His Vital Energy

Wearing our BioElectric Shield Whole Body/Brain Energy Protection can TRANSFORM his daily work and home life with greater focus and calm, less stress and more productivity. We offer a Standard Matrix or an ADD/ADHD Matrix (to assist with focusing) All Shields offer strong EMF and Energy Protection, but you may find the Level 3 Shield will be best for any man who has hours of exposure to EMF. Instead of wearing it with the black cord that it comes with you can add a, a masculine beaded chain, sterling silver snake chain or a belt pouch if he prefers to attach it to a belt or carry in his pocket. We also have a wristband style many men and boys prefer.

If you Take the Quiz and answer the questions as if you are the man you are getting this gift for, you will be guided to the correct Shield Level of Protection for his unique situation. (The metal around the matrix amplifies its effects, so the Level 4 is the strongest protection, then the Level 3 (most purchased) and then the Level 2 (for light EMF exposure).

Targeted EMF protection: get him the new SYB pouch or Pocket Protector and Earbuds for radiation-free cell phone use. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers work well for those who don't want to use the pouch or pocket protector. The SYB or Harapad laptop or tablet pads are used by many men who work with the device on their lap.

Auto and Room Shields will protect him if placed in a bedroom, home office or his vehicle.