For Students

Ideal Gifts for Students of Any Age

Wearing our BioElectric Shield Whole Body/Brain Energy Protection can TRANSFORM a person's ability to learn, focus and think clearly. EMF radiation is known to cause brain fog, sleep disorders, anxiety and lack of concentration. If the person you are gifting a Shield to is glued to their smartphone or tablet, they are a great candidate for a Shield. Beaded chains are cool - and your student may wear his/her Shield willingly if it's on a beaded chain. Girls love the heart-shaped Shield.

Instead of the standard matrix, many students benefit from either the ADD/ADHD Focusing matrix or the ASD mild or moderate/severe matrix instead of the standard matrix. They both will protect from EMF radiation and balance energy to enhance learning, focus and better emotional balance. If you Take the Quiz and answer the questions as if you are the person you are getting this gift for, you will be guided to the correct Shield for their unique situation. For example, it is important to take the quiz so that you don't decide to get them a focusing matrix if they don't need it! You can also take advantage of our free photo analysis if you want assistance in making a decision.

Sleeping and Studying - All brain/body development as well as rest and repair occurs when we sleep. Get the EMF radiation out of the bedroom with a Room Shield. If a Smart Meter is on the outside bedroom wall, choose the Premium Room Shield. Otherwise, the standard one is fine. It's also helpful for further EMF protection when studying in any room.

Targeted EMF protection: To protect your student from cell phone radiation have them use SYB pouch or Pocket Protector and Earbuds for radiation-free cell phone use. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers work well for those who don't want to use the pouch or pocket protector. The SYB or Harapad laptop or tablet pads are used by many students who work with the device on their lap.