Highly Sensitive People/Empaths

Ideal Gifts for a Highly Sensitive Person - Empath

Full Body and Energy Protection: It's fabulous to have the gifts that come with being acutely aware of other people's energy, but at times, it's a burden. Giving an HSP a BioElectric Shield can RESTORE and TRANSFORM their daily life to one of serenity with strong personal boundaries and a renewed sense of well-being. A beaded chain will add beauty and certain additional energies and can be worn with a Shield or on its own.

The Level 3 or Level 4 Shield offer strong enough protection to deflect other people's energy when it's not wanted and also offer strong EMF protection as well - even from Smart Meters and 5G. If you Take the Quiz and answer the questions as if you are the person you are getting this gift for, you will be guided to the correct Shield level of protection for their unique situation. You can also take advantage of our free photo analysis if you want assistance in making a decision.

Sleeping : If your HSP has sleep issues, get the EMF radiation out of the bedroom with a Room Shield. If a Smart Meter is on the outside bedroom wall, choose the Premium Room Shield. Otherwise, the standard one is fine. It's also helpful for further EMF protection when studying in any room.

Targeted EMF protection: To protect your HSP from cell phone radiation have them use SYB pouch or Pocket Protector and Earbuds for radiation-free cell phone use. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers work well for those who don't want to use the pouch or pocket protector. The SYB or Harapad laptop or tablet pads are used by many students who work with the device on their lap. You can also use the Aegis Spray to eliminate the EMF radiation from your TV, monitors, routers, printers, portable phones - anything electronic.

Auto and Room Shields: will provide EMF protection for WiFi block protect your if placed in a bedroom, home office or vehicle.