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EMF Protection for Your Beloved Pets

Pets need protection from EMF radiation too! The number of pets with cancer and autoimmune disorders is rising, so we developed EMF protection for a variety of pets.

Click on the photo of 4 pets to see the pet Shields.

Cats: This small heart-shaped pendant comes with strong clasp you can attach to your cat's collar.

Dogs: We have a different crystal matrix for small dogs and large dogs - their energy needs are different. They also attach to a collar. We do have our Level 1 brass Shield which will work very well with a large dog if you prefer that shape. It comes with a special, strong pouch.

For Any Pet (Dog, Cat, Birds, Fish, Turtles, Hamsters, etc.) who does not wear a collar. Simply get a Room Shield (shown below) and place it in the room where your pet spends the most time. It will continuously breakup the EMF radiation and significantly reduce the EMF exposure for you beloved pet! If there is a Smart Meter on the outside wall of where you pet spends the most time, we recommend the Premium Room Shield.

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