Social Media Addicts

Gifts for Social Media Addicts or Gamers

Most social media addicts or gamers don't feel they need much protection EMF radiation. Many are unaware that there screen time might affect them at all. If you have someone in your family in this category, you may want to ease them into EMF protection.

Targeted EMF protection: To protect your media addict from cell phone radiation have them use SYB pouch or Pocket Protector and Earbuds for radiation-free cell phone use. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers work well for those who don't want to use the pouch or pocket protector. The SYB or Harapad laptop or tablet pads are used by many students who work with the device on their lap. You could let them know that radiation comes from the bottom of a phone, laptop or tablet, and putting something under the device will keep that radiation from entering their pelvic area if they hold it on their lap. If they play games on a computer with a large monitor, you can spray the monitor with the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray to neutralize the radiation from the screen. It can also be sprayed on a TV, portable phone,

A Room Shield can be placed in their bedroom or any room where they spend a lot of time. The Room Shield will continuously break-up and neutralize the EMF radiation in the room, be it from electronics or the WiFi signal used by the electronics.

When you think they might be ready, introduce them to the idea of one device offering full-body protection, the Bioelectric Shield. You can ask them to Take the Quiz and they may be quite surprised at the recommendation they receive. It's based on their exposure to EMF radiation, and for anyone over 6 hours a day of exposure, the recommendation is for a Level 3 Shield. If they also have a focusing issue, which can be increased by long use of electronics, they may also receive a recommendation to get the focusing matrix inside their BioElectric Shield. The Wristband style is popular among students who can add any colorful band they choose (it does come with a choice of colored bands). See below.