Level 4 BioElectric Ultimate Energy Protection Shield - 14k Gold

L41P Classic Round Level 4 - 14k Yellow Gold BioElectric Shield EMf blocker, EMF Protection Pendant - polished finish

EXTREMELY STRONG Protection for those who have Very High Exposure to EMF Radiation (including 5G/Smart Meters, high EMF in hospitals, corporations, dense office or living spaces)

Protection for the Highly Sensitive Person from Other People's Energy or Geopathic Stress

For the ultimate in an EMF pendant and personal energy management, the 14K Gold BioElectric Shields are the most powerful Shields we offer. A Level 4 Shield will give you protection from all forms of EMF radiation including 5G and Smart Meters and shield you from excessive or constant negative energy.

Maximum energy protection for those who:

  • Spend more than 8-10+ hr/day of screen time
  • Are very sensitive to other people's energy (HSP-empath)
  • Have a Smart Meter, or 5G in the neighborhood
  • Have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMS),
  • Live in a metropolitan area (which are EMF Hot Zones)
  • travel frequently (domestic) or live and travel internationally.
  • Live or work in a situation with strong negativity
  • For those who want maximum personal energy protection even if they are not sensitive.

FOCUSING ISSUE? If you have an issue with focus, you can choose the focusing matrix instead of the standard matrix. Read about our Focusing Shields


We designed 2 quizzes to help you figure this out. When you take the free EMF Exposure Quiz or the Highly Sensitive Person Quiz you answer questions about your own EMF exposure and reaction to other people's energy. When you complete the quiz, you will receive a protection recommendation in the form of a Level 1, 2,3 or 4 Shield. Go to the Quiz. You can also take advantage of our free photo analysis service for a more in depth recommendation.


take the quiz

We have an upgrade program we call the Pathway to Protection. This means you can start with a Shield one level lower than the quiz recommendation. Our customers love our Pathway to Protection Upgrade program. If you received a recommendation for a Level 4 Shield because of the amount of EMF exposure or sensitivity you reported in the quiz, please know you can start with a lower level Shield and provide a great deal of support for your body. You can receive plenty of benefit from a Level 3 Shield. Check out your options!

P.S. Please be aware that when you choose a lower level of protection from your quiz recommendation, you will not be getting the full benefits of protection that your quiz indicated you need. If you have done this, and are not satisfied with your results, it is likely a higher level of protection will work much better for you. This is WHY we have the program - start where you can in terms of protection - and then upgrade!


The outside metal used in each Shield (brass, silver, gold) is used to AMPLIFY the energy from the Shield's crystal matrix. We have special matrices that replace the standard matrix to accomposh a goal. We have a focusing matrix, 2 matrices for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, an International matrix and an individually designed matrix. READ MORE


  • Your Shield comes with a cotton/rayon black satin cord, which is 65% rayon, 35% cotton with a rayon outer lay and cotton filling. The cord is durable, but will eventually wear out - we suggest purchasing additional cords, or a chain.
  • A Chain is not included with any Shield pendant. 
  • Click to Order Chains, Polishing Kits and more
  • If you order the Polishing kit with additional cords, you will get the polishing kit and 2 extra cords as described above.


wristband emf protection shield

  • Classic Round: Chosen by most people for it's classic elegance.
  • Lovely Heart Shape: Many women of all ages love this style!
  • Wristband Style Shield: A new style that is favored by children or adults who prefer not to wear something around neck. Visit the wristband page.
  • Precious metal Choices: Sterling Silver and solid 14k Gold and 14K White Gold
    • The White Gold and the Yellow 14K Gold have the same strength in terms of how it amplifies the crystal matrix energy.
    • White gold tabs: White gold does not look like silver. It has a slight yellow-gold tinge to it. If you purchase a white gold chain, the chain will probably not match the white gold Shield. It's simply the nature of how the manufacturer creates the white gold sheets we use to create the white gold disks. If you are looking for a Shield that has a color that has the slight gold tinge in the white gold part and pair it with the 14K gold tabs, you will have a Shield that does have a two-tone effect.
  • If you live outside the USA or Canada, please choose the international matrix in the product option section. Read more: international shields


  • The Round Shield is 1 1/8"
  • The Heart Shield is 7/8" Shields weigh approximately 2 oz.
  • We use Sterling Silver and solid 14K Gold.


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