Polishing Kit/Cloth for BioElectric Shields

Sunshine Cloth is the best polishing cloth for jewelry according to one of the biggest jewelry distributor  in the world. We have used it for 27 years...

Best Polishing Cloth in the Jewelry Industry According to our Suppliers


Includes Cloth and Instructions. Free option to include Buff pad if you have a Satin finish Shield. (Check this off when you order)


  • Do not wash the polishing cloth. Washing removes the polishing compound.
  • Your cloth will get extremely black, but it keeps on working long after it turns black.


Once we send them out we are not comfortable accepting them back since there is no seal on the package. This way you know that the kit you get is always a new and unopened by anyone but you!

Save on shipping - order cords at the same time

Is your cord worn out or getting thin? Order replacements now and protect your investment  

We recommend replacement as soon as cord shows sign of wear - for most people this is about 3-6 months. (This is the Cord style that comes with your initial BioShield order)

Order a 2 or 4-Cord Pack with your Polishing cloth: Black Satin Cord - Many people love the soft feel of these all natural cords which are made of 65% rayon, 35% cotton, cotton filling, 30" in length.

Not returnable
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