Room Shield - Neutralizes EMF in Your Room or Car

Room Shield EMF protection pendant for rooms, cars

An Auto/Room Shield will neutralize EMF and harmonize energy for 30' out from wherever it is hung.


The Room Shield, usually purchased with a stand, is placed in any room to clear EMF. The Room Shield neutralizes EMF and balances the energy 30 feet in all directions and will clear 90-100% of the EMF disturbance in a room. Perfect for any room with a TV or computer in it. Also smooth's the emotional energy of the room. When used in an auto, it will continuously break up electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and other sources of EMF in your vehicle or room.


  • Vehicle: Tie it tightly to your rear view mirror (to keep it from swinging around)
  • Any room - home office, bedroom, playroom, etc.: Hang from ceiling or place on a table in the room.
  • Smart Meters: Place Shield on Stand on any piece of furniture that is close to the inside wall of where the Smart Meter is installed on the outside of that same wall. Ideally, the Room Shield will sit on a surface directly across from the Smart Meter, but if this is not possible, you can also hang 2-3 feet from that wall, at least 12" down from the ceiling.


If you have 5G in your area we recommend the Premium Room Shield And a Personal Shield

Now that Smart Meters and 5G networks are being installed in several locations, we have added a Level 2 Premium strength Room Shield in all sterling silver, to give additional protection.

The Premium Room Shield uses sterling silver as the outer covering to the matrix, making its effectiveness much stronger. The metal that surrounds the Shield's protective matrix serves to amplify the strength of the protection offered. Brass is a good amplifier and provides excellent protection from radiation in closed spaces (a room or vehicle). However, both 5G and Smart Meters send out much stronger and more frequent pulses of radiation and for many people are causing a variety of symptoms, and the Premium Room Shield can handle a lot of the 5G energy.

If you are sensitive to EMF, have 5G in your area or simply wish to deflect and break up more radiation, we suggest you try the Premium Auto/Room Shield.

In addition to a Room Shield, we highly recommend a personal Shield to protect you wherever you go, especially if you have 5G in your area.

In fact, if you can only get one item, we'd prefer you get a personal Shield first because that will protect you 24/7 where ever you are

PRICE INCREASE 8-5-20 - Since March the prices of Gold, Silver and even brass have increased by 40%. We've been forced to raise prices, but are not increasing by 40% - instead holding the increase to between 10% & 20%

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