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Dirty electricity is created when either your wiring or your electronics create a spike of energy in your electrical circuit. The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, create large amounts of EMF. Both products from Satic, flatten the spikes, i.e., reduce the harmonics, aka, dirty electricity as electricity flows through your home, electronics and appliances. Watch video about dirty electricity


Phase Correction: Increases efficiency and performance of all electrical units.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Reduction: Harmonics Filtration Means the elimination of dirty electricity and excessive EMF radiation. Safer, healthier electrical/living environment
Dirty Electricity Elimination Nano-surges degrade TV audio and video quality of TV or Audio sound;
Dirty electricity produces excessive electromagnetic radiation wherever it is present.
Reduced electrical consumption via amp reducing phase correction Cooler equipment, longer lifetime, a lower utility bill
Phase Correction Increases efficiency and performance of all electrical units.
Voltage Regulation: surge protection for your whole system Protects sensitive electronics

SATIC PLUG-IN UNITS (shown above)

The Satic Energy Management System EMF Eliminator plug-ins (SHOWN ABOVE) into any standard 120V outlet to reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation while increasing efficiency and reducing power costs for common appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs and air conditioners. The ES120 is perfect for your townhome, apartment or condo because it's portable, and will work with dirty electricity as it flows through your home.

  • Homes or apartments under 1,600 feet get a pair of units and plug them into the A&B Circuits (instructions included) 
  • Homes larger than 1,600 sq', then simply get 2 sets of 2 plug-in units, or, if you are a homeowner, we recommend the ESPN1 (described below).

Most people start by plugging in one ES120 into a room served by an A circuit, and another ES120 in a room that powers arrives from a B circuit. Go to the technical section below and download the pdf which shows you how to go to your breaker box and locate the A and B circuits in your home (condo, etc.). Instructions will be included.

HOW TO ORDER THE ES120'S: Start with a pair, and then order single plugs (or more pairs) for appliances. If ordering just a single unit, you will get protection on the items plugged into it, but not in the home's circuitry. 

Watch video about how the Satic Pure Power Plug-in reduces EMF radiation

Return policy: 15% Restocking fee if returned within 30 days. No returns accepted after 30 days.


These whole home/building power perfect boxes eliminate dirty electricity before power gets into your breaker box. It protects your whole house and everything that is plugged into it. If you own your home or office building, we recommend this product because it is a larger unit that attaches to your breaker box and stops dirty power before it ever enters your home. Requires an electrician to install, comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The Power Perfect Units can be installed quickly and easily directly at the breaker panel. You will choose a unit based on the square footage of your home/office as well as the amount of load coming into the space. The 3 units are: STANDARD, HEAVY DUTY AND SUPER-DUTY.

Standard Power Box - For homes under 2,500 sq.' -The standard Power Perfect Box is appropriate for homes less than 2,500 square feet. It is designed to handle single family homes, one refrigerator, 1 AC/Heating Unit.

HD - Heavy Duty Power Box - The Heavy Duty 1Ø version is for homes over 2,500 square feet or homes that have a second A/C unit, hot tub or larger electrical consumption. For homes over 2,600 sq'.

SD - Super Duty -Ideal if you are EHS (Electromagnetically Sensitive), have large power consumption and/or have installed solar panels. Designed to handled larger EMF loads for larger square footage as well as anyone using Solar Panels. This Super Duty Line Conditioner will clean up the extra EMF radiation and dirty electricity associated with the conversion of solar (DC) to AC current.  It provides the most robust treatment of dirty electricity from 5G and the increased about of EMF radiation in many locations all over this country.

NOTE: These units are available in single and three phase 120V &240 V. Please call for pricing on these units.

Grounding Your Home and Water Pipes

When your electrician installs your Satic home unit, you may wish to also have him ground your home electrical system. Put two 8-foot copper grounding rods into the ground, 8 feet part, connected to each other with a #6 wire, then connect one of the rods, using the same #6 wire to the neutral bar in the electrical box. Then put a #6 wire which connects the neutral bar to your water pipe. This will ground your home and your water pipe.


Everyone has a different level of sensitivity to energy, but the most common comment is: My home (office) feels nicer and more like the great outdoors than it's ever felt

ABC News Report on the Satic USA Power Perfect Box An ABC News Broadcast about the Satic Power Perfect Box and its ability to reduce EMF and save money on electric bills.


Click here for a full description of this technology and more about how to use both products.

Open PDF of the ES1PN-Installation Guide for the Whole Home Unit

Return Policy: No refund if whole home unit has been installed and uninstalled. 15% Restocking fee if returned unopened within 30 days.


Both products are what people in the electrical profession call "line conditioners". This means they "condition" or manage the amount of electricity allowed to pass through anything that uses electricity. The surges in electricity that come from your in-home wiring occur because your power company delivers uneven amounts of electricity most of the time. When the amount is in excess of what you need, the electricity is spiked up higher than it needs to be. This is called dirty electricity. The bigger the spike the more "dirty" your electricity is - ie, it's creating large amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). The line conditioners flatten the spikes, and give you clean power, the benefits listed in the chart near the top of this page. We strongly recommend the Satic products as a comprehensive solutions to the dirty electricity delivered to all of us from the power company.

The appliances and electronics in your home produce EMF radiation when in use. You can add Stetzer filters in the same power strip or socket as appliances and electronics to reduce the excess current (which creates the EMF radiation) created by those electronics. In our home, we have the Super Duty house unit but also use Stetzer filters with our home entertainment center and in our home offices. Many people find this is an ideal solution. If you add a Room Shield to these areas, you are also handling the WiFi radiation that accompanies the use of many of these electronics. And, by the way, if you want your refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, hot tub... to last longer, you can either add the Satic plugin unit (we did this with our hot tub) or plug in Stetzer filters in the same plug-in (use a powerstrip or use the other plug in a double plug situation (like a refrigerator).

A little more information about the two product lines:

The Satic products work at a different level. When you wire in the whole home Satic filter, it is placed in next front of your breaker box and will filter, and flatten the electrical spikes which come when electricity is delivered from a power pole. When the electricity is then allowed to go to your breaker box to power your home, it’s clean power. When there are spikes in electrical activity which product EMF clouds, this is called “dirty electricity”. By delivering clean power to your electronics, appliances, lamps, etc. you increase the chances of these products lasting longer. You also reduce the ambient EMF in your home.

You can use the plug-in version by placing one plug-in a socket that is on your A circuit, and one plug-in in a socket in your B circuit. When the dirty electricity goes through that plug-in, the spikes are removed, thus lowering the EMF along your electrical lines. By putting one in each of your 2 home circuits, the A and the B, you are cleaning all the electricity in your home. If your space is 1,200 sq. feet or less, you can use the plug-ins.

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