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Dirty electricity is created when either your wiring or your electronics create a spike of energy in your electrical circuit. The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, create large amounts of EMF. Both products from Satic, flatten the spikes, i.e., reduce the harmonics, aka, dirty electricity as electricity flows through your home, electronics and appliances.


The EMF Eliminator plugs (SHOWN ABOVE) into any standard 120V outlet to reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation while increasing efficiency and reducing power costs for common appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs and air conditioners. The ES120 is perfect for your town home, apartment or condo because it's portable, and will work with dirty electricity as it flows though your home. If you have a larger home than 1,600 sq', then simply get 2 sets of plugs, or, if you are a home owner, we recommend the ESPN1 (described above). Most people start by plugging in one ES120 into a room served by an A circuit, and another ES120 in a room that powers arrives from a B circuit. Go to our detail page which shows you how to go to your breaker box and locate the A and B circuits in your home (condo, etc.).

HOW TO ORDER THE ES120'S: Start with a pair, and then order single plugs (or more pairs) for appliances.


The Satic ESPN1 Whole home Line eliminates dirty electricity before power gets into your breaker box. It protects your whole house and everything that is plugged into it. If you own your home, we recommend this product because it is a larger unit that attaches to your breaker box and stops dirty power before it ever enters your home. Requires an electrician to install, comes with a 10-year guarantee.

People love this unit. Your home will simply feel nicer to live in - and naturally this is because the dirty electricity and EMF are no longer saturating your home.

International Customers: When you receive your order, please note that the hertz do not matter to the box - the box will act as a line conditioner regardless of the hertz. (So, 60 or 50 htz is irrelevant to this particular application. Next, the 15 amp breaker does not mean it draws that, but if it were to draw more than that it would break off. He could use any breaker that is less than that and, the unit when off will only register less than 5 amps and that is just the value of the stored energy inside the harmonic rectifiers. So a 5 amp breaker would work. Finally, it does not need a ground, so he should just not connect one.  The Perfect Power Box does not need or want a ground. Dirty EMI resides on the neutral. In the United States we never connect it to a ground as the signal must complete the circuit and not be shunted to ground. All of the units we install in the states are UL approved without the ground. So, that unit will work fine without the ground. If your electrician needs guidance, they can email us and we will interface between your electrician and the supplier of these units.

ABC News Report on the Satic USA Power Perfect Box An ABC News Broadcast about the Satic Power Perfect Box and its ability to reduce EMF and save money on electric bills.

Click here for a full description of this technology and more about how to use both products.

Open PDF of the ES1PN-Installation Guide for the Whole Home Unit.

CUSTOMER PROTECTION -Satic products are UL approved

Recently a customer called to tell us they had found a cheaper product that they thought did the same thing as the Satic products. I called Satic to find out about this other product and the first thing they told us was that that other product was not UL approved. Most electricians will NOT install or work with any product that does not have UL approval. UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific, defined requirements. These requirements are often based on UL's published and nationally recognized Standardsfor Safety. 


Both products are what people in the electrical profession call "line conditioners". This means they "condition" or manage the amount of electricity allowed to pass through anything that uses electricity. The surges in electricity that come from your in-home wiring occur because your power company delivers uneven amounts of electricity most of the time. When the amount is in excess of what you need, the electricity is spiked up higher than it needs to be. This is called dirty electricity. The bigger the spike the more "dirty" your electricity is - ie, it's creating large amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). The line conditioners flatten the spikes, and give you clean power, which does three things:

  • Huge reduction in the EMF
  • Reduces your power bill
  • Prolongs the life of your appliance/electronics

The Stetzer filters are designed to be placed in the same power strip or socket as appliances and electronics that create EMF simply by being on. The Stetzer line conditionaer keeps the amount of power steady, thus removing the spikes that occur, and simultaneously reducing the EMF.

The Satic products work at a different level. When you wire in the whole home Satic filter, it is placed in next front of your breaker box and will filter, and flatten the electrical spikes which come when electricity is delivered from a power pole. When the electricity is then allowed to go to your breaker box to power your home, it’s clean power. When there are spikes in electrical activity which product EMF clouds, this is called “dirty electricity”. By delivering clean power to your electronics, appliances, lamps, etc. you increase the chances of these products lasting longer. You also reduce the ambient EMF in your home.

You can use the plug-in version by placing one plug-in a socket that is on your A circuit, and one plug-in in a socket in your B circuit. When the dirty electricity goes through that plug-in, the spikes are removed, thus lowering the EMF along your electrical lines. By putting one in each of your 2 home circuits, the A and the B, you are cleaning all the electricity in your home. If your space is 1,200 sq. feet or less, you can use the plug-ins.

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