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boy-wearing-wrist-350_tb.jpgThe BioElectric Shield offers you: ENERGY PROTECTION: it blocks, deflects and neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation and other people's stress and negativity; ENERGY REGULATION: Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places and devices; ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Resonates, amplifies and strengthens your energy.

Based on principles of Nobel Prize Winning physics, visit our How it Works page. The metal around the crystal matrix in every Shield amplifies the energy effect created by the matrix. Brass is a good amplifier (Level 1), silver is a stronger amplifier (Level 2), and gold is the strongest (Levels 3 & 4). The stronger the amplification, the higher level of protection you receive. Take the Quiz to determine which level you need.

Protecting Customers since 1990.  Customer Reviews. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on Shields. Pricing is based on the style and options you choose. Chains sold separately.

Essential: Level 1

emf protection for a room|bioelectricshield
(Price  - $207)
Low EMF Exposure

Plus: Level 2

level 2 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $387-487)
Moderate EMF Exposure and Energy Sensitivity

Premium: Level 3
level 3 emf protection|bioelectricshield

(Price Range - $977-1037)
High EMF Exposure/Sensitivity to EMF and/or Other People's Energy

Ultimate: Level 4

level 4 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $4397-5227)
Very High EMF Exposure. City Dweller, Travel Frequently or High Sensitivity to Energy.


There are special matrixes that have additional gems beyond the plus additional gems to assist with ADD/ADHD Focusing Issues, Autism - mild or moderate/severe, individually customized Shields designed for just your unique energy field.


emf protection and focusing Shield|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $417-7997)
EMF Protection plus Increased Focus.


autism-spectrum discorder-shield-collage|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $467-997)
EMF Protection and Energy Balancing

Customized Shields

custom emf shield|bioelectricshield
(Price varies based on style)
Matrix designed for your individual energy

Ultimate Plus (Level 4)

level 4 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $5997-7997)
Diamond or Tri-Gem Shield - Additional Energy Benefits plus Ultimate Protection

Auto-Room Shields, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity & Highly Sensitive Persons, Babies-Children, and Pets

Auto and Room

room shield emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $177-442)
EMF protection - vehicle, room or Smart meter


add-adhd emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price based on style)
Recommendations for EHS or Highly Sensitive Persons


(Price varies $177-437)
Recommendations for babies or children at home and at school.

Pet Shields

pet emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price range $157-$177)
EMF Protection Pendants for Cats & Dogs

Shield Recharge - Repair - International Customers- Upgrade Your Shield

Recharge & Repolish

room or auto emf shield|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $48-$99)
Get your Shield rejuvenated and polished at our Montana Facility.

Shield Repair

emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $80 Base price - cost varies based on the repair)
Our skilled jewelers can repair any issue with your Shield.
Includes recharge & shipping


international bioelectricshields|bioelectricshield
(Add $30 to any style)
Order the Correct Shield for Your Location (except-Focusing Matrix can be worn everywhere)

Upgrade Your Shield

trade up your bioelectricshield|bioelectricshield
(Visit page for details)
As long as your Shield has no dents or scratches, you can upgrade to a higher level within a year of your original purchase.


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