Shield Your Body

The BioElectric Shield offers you: ENERGY PROTECTION: it blocks, deflects and neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation and other people's stress and negativity; ENERGY REGULATION: Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places and devices; ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Resonates, amplifies and strengthens your energy.

Essential: Level 1

emf protection for a room|bioelectricshield
(Price  - $257)
Low EMF Exposure

Plus: Level 2

level 2 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $497-577)
Moderate EMF Exposure and Energy Sensitivity

Premium: Level 3
level 3 emf protection|bioelectricshield

(Price Range - $1077-1277)
High EMF Exposure/Sensitivity to EMF and/or Other People's Energy

Ultimate: Level 4

level 4 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $4947-5827)
Very High EMF Exposure. City Dweller, Travel Frequently or High Sensitivity to Energy.


There are special matrixes that have additional gems beyond the plus additional gems to assist with ADD/ADHD Focusing Issues, Autism - mild or moderate/severe, individually customized Shields designed for just your unique energy field.


emf protection and focusing Shield|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $527-9797)
EMF Protection plus Increased Focus.


autism-spectrum discorder-shield-collage|bioelectricshield
(Price Range - $527-1097)
EMF Protection and Energy Balancing

Customized Shields

custom emf shield|bioelectricshield
(Price varies based on style)
Matrix designed for your individual energy

Ultimate Plus (Level 4)

level 4 emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $6877-8927)
Diamond or Tri-Gem Shield - Additional Energy Benefits plus Ultimate Protection

Auto-Room Shields, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity & Highly Sensitive Persons, Babies-Children, and Pets

Auto and Room

room shield emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $217-497)
EMF protection - vehicle, room or Smart meter


add-adhd emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price based on style)
Recommendations for EHS or Highly Sensitive Persons


(Price $29 -577)
Recommendations for babies or children at home and at school.

Wristband Shields

pet emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price range $547-$1247) Ideal for children or anyone who prefers a wristband style.

Shield Recharge - Repair - International Customers- Upgrade Your Shield

Recharge & Repolish

room or auto emf shield|bioelectricshield
(Price Range $48-$99)
Get your Shield rejuvenated and polished at our Montana Facility.

Shield Repair

emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Base price-$80; cost varies) Our skilled jewelers can repair any issue with your Shield. Includes recharge & return shipping.

Pet Shields

pet emf protection|bioelectricshield
(Price range $197)
EMF Protection Pendants for Cats & Dogs

Upgrade Your Shield

trade up your bioelectricshield|bioelectricshield
As long as your Shield has no dents or scratches, you can upgrade to a higher level within 3 years of your original purchase.

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