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Protecting people and their energy for 30+ years with BioElectric Shields
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Closing down sale - 32%* off will be applied at checkout

We have discontinued Satic and SYB products use links and coupon codes below to order. 

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SYB Products - 15% off with code BioElectricSYB15 check out all their products

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Use these 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, WIFI/EMF blockers for your electronic devices. Please also consider protection for your entire body since EMF radiation isn't just from your phone. It's everywhere. When you take our free EMF Quiz, you'll get an individualized recommendation based on your EMF exposure levels and your current reaction to them. See our EMF Protection Products.



emf protection for electronics|bioelectricshield

Stetzer Filter Meter 

32%* off will be applied at checkout

Meter determines how many filters you need.


Stetzer EMF Filters 

32%* off will be applied at checkout

Filters neutralize EMF from electronics and appliances. 


Aulterra EMF Neutralizers

32%* off will be applied at checkout

Place on cell & portable phones, tablets, laptops
and other electronics.
(3 stickers for $36)

emf protection for room or auto|bioelectricshield

Auto/Room EMF Radiation Protection Shield

32%* off will be applied at checkout

Neutralizes EMF from WiFi, 5G, Smart Meter. Price starts at $$217



AegisGuard Anti-Radiation Shielding for Routers, Screens and more

32%* off will be applied at checkout

Spray on router, cell phone, tablet, monitor, laptop, TV. (From $53.95)

emf-protection for clothing|bioelectricshield

Anti-Radiation Fabric Rinse

32%* off will be applied at checkout

For ALL clothing - rinse embeds anti-radiation compound in any fabric. All natural.
(From $69.95)




Deluxe Phone Pouch (SYB) - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

The SYB Pouch Deluxe Makes it Safer to Carry Your Phone –– And All Your Other Stuff 


5G EMF Protection with Pocket Shielding - Order direct from SYB 

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

99% EMF Protection. Slips in your pocket! Optional RF Earbuds. 


5G Radiation-Free Headset - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

Blocks 99% of EMF Radiation while you use your cellphone. ($44.95)


EMF Blocker Protection Pad When Using your Tablet or Laptop - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

99.9% EMF protection pad for laptops & tablets. 

emf protection for iPad|bioelectricshield

Flex Shields-4pk-Turn any flat surface into EMF Shield - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

Cut to any size and shape. Add to tablet, phone, laptops, phones, baby monitor, Smart Meter, baby monitor, desk. 

laptop-tablet emf protection|bioelectricshield

Shield Your Body Wrist Band - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

Laboratory tested to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of EMF radiation– including 5G


5G Radiation-Free Plug-in Earbud Adaptor - Order direct from SYB

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

Blocks 99% of EMF Radiation while you use your cellphone. 



EMF Blocking Blanket by SYB - Order direct from SYB 

15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

EMF Protection for mother, baby, laptop. Ideal if pregnant. Portable, Washable 


SYB EMF Protection Sling Bag - 5G Tested

- Order direct from SYB

 Carry your phone/tablet/laptop in bag-get  99.9% protection from wireless EMF radiation.  ($99)


SYB EMF Protection Head & Neck Gaiter - 5G Tested

- Order direct from SYB - 15% off with code BioElectricSYB15

Versatile, high-performance EMF protection for your head and neck. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a 5g Blocker? 

A 5G Blocker is a shielding product that will stop or reduce the 5G wireless signals. 

Why would you want a 5G blocker? 

It’s all about frequency. Many people already have problems with 4G, which has a frequency range of  700 MHz to 2100 MHz, which stands for millions of cycles per second. 

5G sends out frequencies in the BILLIONS of cycles per second. We don’t know! Typically 5G has wavelengths between 24 GHz and 100GHz (billions of cycles per second.) It is 100 times faster than 4G technology. 

5G uses millimeter microwaves waves that are fast and short. This means that 5G networks must concentrate these waves very densely to provide coverage. Mini 5-G transmitters are often installed as close as every 3-3 houses. This means you can’t get away from the transmission of these signals.

Is 5G safe for your body? 

We already know there are thousands of research studies proving there are health effects to prolonged exposure to any frequencies that produce Electromagnetic Radiation. Health effects include sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, difficulty focusing, mental fog, depression, anxiety and more. 
There have been no safety studies on 5G. Until recently, it has never been used before, and no meaningful research has been done as to the safety of these millimeter microwave frequencies. 

What are EMF Blockers?

EMF blockers are worn or placed on a device to block EMF. They either deflect or neutralize the EMF radiation. Items that benefit from EMF blockers include cell phones, headsets, iWatches, Fitbits, laptops, computers, tablets, Tv’s. You can even get EMF blocker clothing.

How do you block EMF cell phone radiation?
Blocking EMF cell phone radiation is simple if you put your phone in an EMF blocker case. You can also block the radiation by wearing a radiation-free headset that blocks the EMF from traveling up to your earbuds. Instead, the sound is carried up through a plastic tube that allows you to hear without using a wired connection for sound. There is also an adapter EMF blocker that you can attach to a wired headset to stop the radiation from traveling up your wired headset.

What are the different types of EMF Protection Devices?
EMF Protection devices come in 3 types: full body protection, electronic EMF blockers, and home or office EMF blockers. 

Fullbody EMF blockers: There are EMF Protection Pendants that are EMF blockers. To find out which EMF blocker would be best for you exposure level and sensitivity to EMF take the quiz.

EMF blockers for your electronics come in different types.

  •  A EMF physical blocking devices include  a cellphone case or laptop EMF blocker. 
  • An EMF blocker spray can be used on a WiFi router, computer screens, or portable or cell phones. 
  • An EMF blocker for your home or office is also called a line conditioner. This removes the EMF radiation from your electric service (power company), wind or solar panels. Wind and solar are clean energy until they need to be converted to AC from DC. The EMF blocker Satic Line Conditioner eliminates the dirty electricity.