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Protecting people and their energy for 30+ years with BioElectric Shields
standard BES BANNER

Use these EMF blockers in your vehicle, living and work spaces, but also consider protection for your entire body. Find out what level of EMF protection you need by taking our free EMF Quiz


EMF Protection - Vehicles & Fabric

EMF Protection autos -trucks

Auto Shield

Provides EMF Radiation Protection from Electronics, WiFi and BlueTooth
(From $199 with code PROTECT15)

emf protection for electronic dashboard in vehicle

Aegis Spray

Neutralizes EMF from Vehicle Electronic Dashboard (From $53.95)

emf protection for clothing|bioelectricshield

EMF Eliminator Fabric Rinse

EMF Protection in strong WiFi environments. Rinse infuses clothing or fabric with EMF Protection. Works great! (From $69.95)

emf protection pouch for cell phones, electronics, windows, 3g 4g 5g

EMF Protection Bed Canopy (DIY)

Protection for bedrooms using Aegis Fabric Rinse with your canopy.

Dirty Electricity/EMF radiation Protection where you live & work

EMF Room Shielding|bioelectricshield

Room Shield

Neutralize EMF in any room in your home or office. Helps provide you with restorative EMF-free sleep. (From $199 with code PROTECT15)

EMF Eliminator|bioelectricshield

Satic EMI Meter

Test outlets for dirty electricity and faulty wiring. (Rent: $109 Buy: $154)

EMF protection for all electronics|bioelectricshield

Satic EMF Meter Plus -Test kit

Includes meter, two plug-ins and light bulb tester. $686.00 $574.00

EMF & Dirty Electricity Eliminator - wire in or plug in

Neutralizes EMF Radiation and Dirty Electricity in home wiring. Whole home or plug-in units. Recommended for anyone sensitive to EMF. (From $224)

EMF Radiation from Home Lighting, 5G, Smart Meters & Cell Towers


Anti-EMF Paint Additive

Use with any commercial paint to add EMF Shielding for walls, ceilings, or any painted surfaces. ( From $164.95)

EMF cover for smart meters|bioelectricshield

EMF-Free Lights

LEDs produce dirty electricity.  Enjoy Satic Plus, clean, full-spectrum lighting. (From $151)

emf protection for electronics|bioelectricshield

EMF Protection Frame Liner

Picture Frame Liner blocks radiation from back of your Smart Meter. (From $20)

EMF protection for all electronics|bioelectricshield

EMF Reduction Filter

Use meter to determine how many filters you need around your electronics -home theater, etc.
Rent/Buy a Meter From $55
Buy Filters From $45