Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Cover

Not All Smart Covers Are Equally Effective - Get the USA-Made Original Smart Meter Guard Cover that Really Works

if you buy a cheaper cover, you may end up with a very inferior product. We used to sell a Smart Meter Cover that, it turns out, was KNOCK_OFF* of the original highly effective Smart Meter Guard.

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What if my neighbors have Smart Meters?

The radiation from your neighbors Smart Meters WILL come into your home.

  • You can either place Premium Room Shields in several rooms in your home you inhabit the most (including the bedroom since most people are in there for 6-8 hours every night) OR wear a Level 3 or Level 4 personal BioElectric Shield and put it next to your bed at night. Many people both wear a personal Shield AND put a Room Shield in their bedroom. This gives you double-layered protection.
  • You can also place an SYB Poster Frame Liner over the back of the meter on the inside wall of the room to stop radiation from the back of the meter.
  • If you are electromagnetically-sensitive (EHS), you can paint your bedroom with our Aegis Anti-Radiation Paint Additive (added to any paint you choose to use). You will paint the ceiling, walls, molding and door as well as use the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray on your bedroom windows. In this case, you will limit any electronics to a plug-in clock.

Want more protection? You could also get the EMF Poster Frame Liner and place exactly opposite the back of your meter. Many meters do have a metal backing, which will strop much of the radiation from the meter from coming into your home. However, This will block some of the radiation that is coming from the back of the mete

What Else Can You Do to Protect yourself?

WiFi signals, 5G and many others forms of EMF radiation assault your energy field all day and all night. Years ago it was a commonly held belief that smoking posed no health risk. Today a common myth is that if you can't see it, then you're not being harmed. Over 1800 studies (see research) have proven that EMF radiation can:

  • Fracture DNA which leads to abnormal cell growth as well as developmental issues (think cancer, autoimmune diseases, or children with a variety of issues),
  • cause cell wall hardening (which blocks waste from getting out and nutrients from getting into the cell)
  • exacerbate Lyme and other viruses

In addition to a Room Shield if you have a Smart Meter, we recommend full-body protection from EMF radiation.

Most people have no idea their immune system is always being challenged whenever they are around any form of EMF. Do you carry a cell phone? Have WiFi at home or work? Go to public places with WiFi? Smart Meters and 5G also up the dosage of EMF radiation. For this reason, Dr. Brown (Chiropractic Neurologist) and Virginia Brown (Occupational Therapist), who started and still run this company, highly recommend full-body protection. Why wait until you have a health problem to get protection?

It's always a good idea to "diagnose", i.e., figure out what level of protection you need based on YOUR life verses just buying products randomly. Because we ran a clinic for years, the "diagnose before you treat" has been our protocol. To help you come up with an intelligent, individualized recommendation, we have two options for you, our quiz and our photo analysis. You decide which one is right for you.

Free EMF Exposure Quiz: If you would like to know what level of protection you need, based on your exposure level, you can take a free quiz. Our company, In conjunction with a research methodologist, has developed and EMF Exposure Quiz which will provide you with an individualized recommendation for full-body protection. The quiz takes about 10-minutes, and you'll want to ask for your results to be emailed to you. Click Here.

Free Photo Analysis: If you have specific concerns or sensitivities or would just like to have a personalized recommendation, we invite you to take advantage of our free Photo Analysis Process. To learn more about this process Click Here.

*Many knock-off Smart Meter Cover do not entirely enclose around the meter allowing a huge leakage of radiation.