Stetzerizer EMF Protection Filter for all electronics

Stetzerizer EMF Protection Filter for all electronics remove (dirty electricity and EMF) from targeted sources like your computers, home entertainment center, kitchen, office, school. You'll feel the difference in the energy by the next day!


Our apologies to you. Stetzer products are excluded from our holiday sales based on their limited discounts for all wholesalers!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Filter and Meterstetzer filters

Stetzerizer filters remove dirty electricity and EMF from targeted sources like your computers, home entertainment center, and appliances. By filtering harmonics and other high frequency current (trash-dirty electricity), EMF is reduced. Protected electronics and appliances work more efficiently which lengthens the life of the product. Greatly lowers EMF in those areas.

Use the STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter to test how much EMF is being generated by any plug in your home. When you plug in the meter, add one filter at a time until the reading drops below 50; ideal is below 30. Move to the next outlet and repeat the process. If you have rented the meter, now you can return it and order the correct number of filters! Based on 100-year-old technology.


  • Total per home: 20 - but if you rent the meter, you will be able to test each socket and determine what your home really needs. Homes with many electronics may need more than 20.
  • One Filter: hair dryer, mixer, blender
  • Two filters in a power strip: laptop, PC, ink jet printer, fax, personal copier
  • Three: entertainment center, laser printer, larger office copier


  • How many meters do I need?  Please refer to the Stetzer Filter page for this information.
  • Humming Filter:  if your filter is "humming, it's overloaded. Plug in more filters to resolve this.
  • Crackles and Pops  when you plug in the filter. Yes, it is normal for the filters to spark or make a “popping” sound when they are being plugged in.  This should not hurt you, your electronic equipment, or your filters.


This meter is designed to take a reading in any outlet in your home. It measures the amount of ambient radiation coming out of the plug. It is NOT the same as a Trifield Meter which is used to measure large areas just by pointing at the area. The meter tells you how much radiation is coming from outlets connected to electronics, computers, appliances, etc. The idea is that you plug in the meter, and then have at least 6 filters on hand to plug in, one at a time, until you reading drops to below 50. You'll need a power strip connected to the outlet to do this.

Unless you are planning on moving, it's smart to rent the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter for only $45. If you want to own it, it's $129. Use the meter to determine your EMF levels at every plug in your home, especially near electronics or appliances. Directions come with the meter. You get an initial reading, start plugging in filters, taking a reading EACH time you add a filter. When the reading drops below 50, the EMF is within a safe range.

Returns: Returns are rare on these products, but we want you to know our criteria for returns. This ensures that the meters and filters are in new condition for all our customers!

Meter Rental and Return Credit Policy: You pay for the meter, then when you return it, we refund all but $40. Must be returned within 21 days of the order day. Will be tested to make sure it still works after being shipped back to us. (Sorry, but we've had some issues with this!). Suggest you pack it in bubble wrap in a priority mail box. Credit will be given back to your account after the meter is tested (done promptly).

Filter Return Credit Policy: All filters must be returned within 30 days of the order date in their original condition. No scratches or nicks. Please pack each filter separately in bubble wrap to avoid scratches and dings. All filters will be tested when returned. 15% restocking fee. No returns after 30 days.

Purchase or Rent the Meter


This video shows you both how to use the meter as well as how to start adding filters.


The Stetzer units are designed to be placed in the same power strip or socket as appliances and electronics that create EMF simply by being on. When electronics/appliances work, they can use uneven amounts of power, called spikes,  which then creates a bigger EMF “cloud” of energy that goes into the room. The Stetzer keeps the amount of power steady, thus greatly reducing the amount of spikes that occur, and simultaneously reducing the EMF>

The Satic products work at a different level. When you wire in the whole home Satic filter, it is placed in next front of your breaker box and will filter, and flatten the electrical spikes which come when electricity is delivered from a power pole. When the electricity is then allowed to go to your breaker box to power your home, it’s clean power. When there are spikes in electrical activity which product EMF clouds, this is called “dirty electricity”. By delivering clean power to your electronics, appliances, lamps, etc. you increase the chances of these products lasting longer. You also reduce the ambient EMF in your home.
You can use the plug-in version by placing one plug-in a socket that is on your A circuit, and one plug-in in a socket in your B circuit. When the dirty electricity goes through that plug-in, the spikes are removed, thus lowering the EMF along your electrical lines. By putting one in each of your 2 home circuits, the A and the B, you are cleaning all the electricity in your home. If your space is 1,200 sq. feet or less, you can use the plug-ins.