SYB Baby Beanie and/or Blanket - Shield your baby from harmful wireless radiation

SYB Baby Blanket - Shield baby from EMf and wifi radiation -

Protect your Baby's precious brain and body from EMF and Wifi

Shield your baby from harmful wireless radiation with the SYB Baby Blanket and/or Baby Beanie

  • The SYB Baby Blanket is a comfortable, stylish, & high quality soft cotton flannel blanket that shields your baby from harmful wireless radiation that comes from devices like cell phones, baby monitors, WiFi routers, and cordless phones.
  • Deflects up to 99.9% of Radio & Microwave EMF Radiation
  • Comes in Four Stylish Colors
  • Luxurious Flannel, Comfortable against the Skin
  • Each Blanket is 40″ x 32″ (approx. 100cm x 81cm)
  • Made in USA
  • Patent Pending

Baby Beanie

  • Protect your baby’s brain from up to 99% of harmful EMF / EMR radiation & pollution from devices like WiFi routers, baby monitors, cell phones, bluetooth & laptops.
  • Our SYB Baby Beanie uses universally-accepted, real science: each hat is woven with silver fibers that form a shield to block radio frequency (RF) and microwave electromagnetic fields.
  • Super soft, luxurious, light-weight, breathable, stretchable cotton-based fabric. Incredibly comfortable against the skin with a stylish design. Hypoallergenic & non-toxic.
  • Makes a great gift, and pairs great with our SYB Baby Blanket!
  • Unlike some inferior competition products, our entire beanie is made of our shielding material, creating full 360° coverage for your baby’s entire head! These Baby Hats are not just adorable but also comfortable to wear and provide superior protection.
  • 35% Silver, 45% Cotton, 20% Nylon.
  • Machine wash cold. Air dry. Do not bleach. Recommended for daily usage. Very safe for babies and toddlers, the SYB Baby Beanies are toxin-free.
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