SYB Poster/picture Frame Liner - reduce EMF from Smart Meters

Poster/Photo liner for smart meter power curcuit breaker box protection

EMF POSTER FRAME LINER - Smart Meter Protection


Do you have a Smart Meter on the outside of your home? Now you can get our Smart Meter Cover to put on the outside of the meter and then, on the inside wall opposite the meter, simply place this frame directly opposite the meter. You can put a poster or picture inside this frame so that it blocks up to 99.9% of EMF radiation (over 60 dB attenuation in frequency range of 10MHz to 3GHz). Just put the Liner in your frame, behind your poster, print or photo.


  • FITS MULTIPLE FRAMES: It comes in two sizes, but if you have a smaller frame just fold or cut the SYB Liner to your desired size. It doesn't matter which way you put your Liner in your frame. It works either way.
  • USE ANYWHERE YOU NEED SHIELDING: Perhaps you have a smart meter hanging outside your living room, so hang your shielded poster frame on your living room wall. Or maybe there’s a wifi router right outside your bedroom, so hang your shielded frame on your bedroom wall, between you and the wifi router. Anywhere you have a powerful source of EMF radiation is a great place to hang a frame shielded with our SYB Poster Frame Liner.
  • SHIELDS BUT DOESN’T INTERFERE: The SYB Poster Frame Liner does not interfere with the performance or normal operation of your wireless technology. It simply deflects harmful radiation away from where you spend your time. We use universally-accepted, scientifically-verified principles to shield your body from radio frequency and microwave EMF radiation. Inside each Poster Frame Liner is a super fine mesh of metallic fiber that form a shield to block up to 99.9% of EMF radiation.


  • NON-TOXIC, ODORLESS: Super durable and ultra-thin material.
  • 59% polyester, woven with 20% copper and 15% nickel thread, 6% copper/nickel coating. 0.08mm thick, black on one side, copper on the other.
  • Arrives folded in a 6” square.