EMF Shielding Auto, Home, Room, Fabric or Cloth

EMF Shielding Auto, Home, Room, Fabric or Clothing

Autos: Block EMF inside any vehicle: Use the BioElectric "Auto Shield" and the Aegis Radiation Shield Spray on inside electronic dash board/radio/Bluetooth
Add EMF Protection to Clothing or Fabrics: Use Aegis Fabric Rinse. Wear this clothing in dense WiFi situations: hospitals, airports, office buildings.
Remove Dirty Electricity From Your Home: Whole Home: Satic Line Conditioner for house. Condo or rentals: Plug-In Version
Reduce EMF from Electronics: Home or Office. Block EMf with Stetzerizer filters. Rent Stetzerizer meter to see how many you need.
Block EMF in Rooms & Offices: Use a Room Shield in living room, media rooms, bedrooms, baby's room,, play rooms and home offices.
Block EMF from Smart Meters: Hang a Room Shield opposite your Smart Meter. Use an EMF blocker paint on 1 wall and use Aegis Spray on windows.